Support #1Chat-Vision by promoting us and become a Premium Member

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Support #1Chat-Vision by promoting us and become a Premium Member

Post  Chatmaster on Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:05 pm

Dear #1Chat-Vision Members:

As you know, #1Chat-Vision has been free for everyone to use since its inception in 2011.

We would like to keep it that way. We would also like to get more members and more people to use the chat rooms so we are asking that you invite as many people as you can to join our free community it can be friends, family, co-workers, or some people you just say hello to. We appreciate any support you can give to our community.

As an extra can become a PREMIUM MEMBER today. By bringing 5 or more new members to our community, you will be given special forum benefits.

1) Access to a special forum which no moderators can see.
2) Custom "PREMIUM MEMBER" graphic below your user title.
3) Ability to make custom user titles (the one below your username).
4) Have a sub forum created for you, that you can pick choose who can see and post in it.
5) Change your username ONCE. If the username is taken, you may request it as long as that user has not logged on for more than one year.
6) 5,000 point's will be credited to your account.
7) Have a gold color username.

...but it shouldnt be about the benefits. It should be about supporting this web site and getting it as busy as we possibly can.

Those who can bring a minimum of 5 members to our community can be recognized throughout the forum with a special "PREMIUM MEMBER" icon below their username and enjoy the above noted Forum benefits. After you have brought 5 or more members, please PM me with your forum username to become a premium member.

Thanks for your continued support.

The Chatmaster
The Chatmaster

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