Hi im Ape (all About Me )

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Hi im Ape (all About Me )

Post  Ape on Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:02 am


Name: Ape

Site Admin Twisted Evil


Member of :
Chat ave, here as you can see, Chat world, and lots more forums.
Also a helper in the hosts forum,

I like helping out in forums and other sites, love chips (maybe thats why im fat lol!)
like movies and games on the wii Wink

Pea's and fake peeps i say what i think and do as i want to Razz

Other info: I'M easy going but can be a right mad man if i want to be,
have been in chat rooms and forums for about 15 years give or take and think i know some things but not all so if you know more then me then please keep it to your self i will get it all one day lol!
I live in the uk in a place of my own and thats the way i like it Wink

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Age : 43
Location : Under your bloody bed have a look !!

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